• The Complete Get! Out! Bugs Kit

    The Get! Out! Bugs Kit is a complete all-natural kit for fighting bug infestations.


    The kit includes:

    • 3 Bags of Get! Out! Bath for killing any bugs that are currently alive on your body.
    • 1 Get! Out! Chalk Pen for protecting your bed, couch, and home from new crawling bugs.
    • 1 Get! Out! Itch Cream for soothing your body for any existing itches.
    • 1 Get! Out! Spray Bottle for spraying yourself down both after and in-between baths.
    • 1 Get! Out! Bed for protecting your bed, couch, and car that have already invaded.
    • A detailed instructional booklet on the best ways to use the product and fight bugs naturally.

    The kit includes Free Shipping by Priority Mail for all customers within the United States.