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Jenny & Otis Funkmeyer,
Creators of the Get! Out! Bugs Kit
Jenny & Otis Funkmeyer, Creators of the Get! Out! Bugs Kit

The Get! Out! Bugs kit was created the way all the best products are–by necessity.

We were dealing with a fierce infestation of bugs and had absolutely no idea what was going on.

At first we thought that they were mosquito bites but they didn’t go away. Soon after, we could swear we felt things crawling on us at night but when we went to examine, there was no bug to be found.

It felt like we were going crazy.

After more than a week with no sleep and endless discomfort, finally serendipity struck. While reading on our iPhones in bed, a speck jumped onto the phone and Jenny caught it red-handed.

By this time, we were prepared. We had tweezers and petri dishes ordered from Amazon and we caught the bug and stuck it inside. It was definitely real and definitely crawling.

As the days went on, more bugs were captured and a picture started to emerge.

Otis the inveterate Internet research went to town and became convinced beyond the shadow of a doubt that we had–bird mites.

When we went to check on our chicken coop, it was confirmed beyond the shadow of a doubt. The coop was covered in mites and our poor chickens were too.

It was stunning how hard it was to find any good information on how to cure bird mite infestations. It seemed the diagnoses ranged from drug-fueled delusions to toxic medical sprays to thousand dollar cedar defoggers.

None of it seemed right. I mean, just for some bugs?

As we went deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole of Internet forums and blog post comments, another story started to emerge. It seemed that people were fighting bug infestations of all kinds with natural ingredients. Could it be?

After various trials and fails and different recipes, we started to get the bug infestation under control. No more crawling in our beds, no more pain from the bites, no more babies hatching in our skin.

It felt like being pulled out from the gates of hell.

And as our own infestation came under control, we started feeling so much empathy for people battling this who were suffering. We read many stories of people dealing with these infestations for *years.*

We were getting incredibly depressed after just a few days! We couldn’t even imagine!

As we looked around on the web, we couldn’t believe that there was no all-in-one natural kit for battling bug infestations and so we decided, I guess that means we gotta make one!

And like that, Get! Out! Bugs was born.

Jenny & Otis Funkmeyer

Founders & Creators

Jenny & Otis Funkmeyer

our founding principles

Totally Natural

Every ingredient in the Get! Out! Bug Kit is completely natural and organic and is completely harmless to everything, except bugs.

Excellent Value

Just because something is all-natural and of the highest quality doesn’t mean it should cost a fortune. Our bug kit will always be an exceptional value when compared to other products.

Highly Effective

We are extremely excited to demonstrate to the world that one does not need chemicals to create highly effective products to rid oneself of a bug infestation. The Get! Out! Bugs kit really works!